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FIRESIDE®     marshmallows, America's favorite brand of marshmallows, got its name from a patented process that infuses air into the marshmallow during manufacturing. The result - the light, fluffy texture we all love. FIRESIDE® marshmallows have used this same process and recipe since 1953.

The fresh and fluffy texture of FIRESIDE® marshmallows delivers great results every time in family-favorite marshmallow recipes like crispy treats. They also taste great as a snack right out of the bag.

More than 90 million pounds are purchased each year in America. They are eaten straight out of the bag or used to make brownies, sweet potatoes, salads, cakes, crispy treats, and other delicious snacks.

Key Benefits

bulletSoft, sweet, and extra-fluffy, FIRESIDE® marshmallows consist of a perfect blend of ingredients including corn syrup, sugar, modified cornstarch, and gelatin
bulletThey're not only tasty, they're a fat-free food!

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